About Brent

Get 'er done" has been Brent McDonald's mantra since long before the phrase was made famous by that great sage Larry the Cable Guy. His goal with each transaction is the same: create the best outcome for the client. And he will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Brent is the guy with the know-how and passion to make a difference in the lives of those he serves.

Brent has been financing homes in Arizona for 19 years; this expertise makes the difference in finding solutions for borrowers. Brent works at AmeriFirst Financial, Inc, one of the most influential lenders in Arizona, a locally operated company that processes, underwrites, and funds right in the office he shares with his team. He leverages the power of AmeriFirst to create a personalized experience for each of his clients, keeping the team and clients in the loop through ongoing "sit downs" with everyone to work through challenges or sticking points. As Brent says, "Communication is the lubrication that gets loans done."

Brent grew up in rural Michigan and moved to Arizona in 1997, where he met his "Angel", his wife Elizabeth, at the swimming pool in their apartment complex in Old Town Scottsdale. Together, they are the proud parents of daughter Jordan (14) and son Noah (12). Brent is a family man who puts those he loves first, and he makes a point to treat his customers with that same level of focus and integrity.

When not at work, Brent is active with his family. He coaches youth football, for the Argonauts. He and his family attend Impact Church, where they grow in their faith. Brent even facilitates the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Course at his church. During those rare "alone" moments, you will find Brent listening to rock music, road biking, mountain biking, on the golf course, or doing some woodworking.

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